Can you help these unwanted cats find their perfect match this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day (it’s tomorrow, in case you forgot) is a time for love.

While it’s great to celebrate your romantic relationships on V Day and your friendships on Galentine’s Day, we reckon this loved-up period could do with some consideration for our furry pals, too.

We’ve shared the lonely dogs looking for forever homes in time for Valentine’s Day, and now it’s the turn of cats.

Blue Cross has put together a list of cats who’ve been in their rescue centre for ages and are now desperate to find their perfect match.

These are lovely kitties who’ve been taken into shelters and – for reasons unknown – have been ignored and rejected by potential adopters for months on end.

We’re hoping that by sharing their stories, we’ll find them the perfect owner to take them home this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s meet them.


Cleo is nine years and 11 months old (so yes, it’s nearly her birthday) and she’s been at Blue Cross Lewknor for 230 days.
She’s a gorgeous and super sweet cat who loves companionship and a gentle stroke.

However, she prefers companionship and a gentle stroke to being a lapcat so would make someone a lovely companion who likes a headstrong kitty that wants pets on their own terms.

She’s after a rural home with access to a garden, and would prefer a home with no other pets and few cats in the neighbourhood.


Affectionate cat Rocky came into Blue Cross care as a stray with a painful eye injury. Following proper treatment he’s fully healed and ready to be adopted, but hasn’t yet found his match – despite having been in the Cambridge shelter for 103 days now.

This kitty would like to be the only pet in his home and would love a garden to explore.


Wilba is a very chilled out homebody who loves to stroll around a garden then come in the house for fuss and food.

He could live with school-age children but would like to be the only pet in the home.

The ten-year-old cat has been at Blue Cross’s Suffolk shelter for 60 days.


Despite his name, Junior is actually getting on a bit at a grand age of 12 years and one month old.

Although he’s a little shy at first, once he gets to know someone he loves a proper stroke and being brushed.

Junior needs a quiet home with patient owners who will give him time to settle into his new surroundings.

He would prefer a home without other cats or dogs but may be able to live with school-age children.


Sweet girl Honey, who’s 13 years and eight months old, has been at the Torbay centre for 63 days without any interested owners.

She’s after a quiet home with no other pets, where she can relax and enjoy pottering about at her leisure.

Honey does like to go outside to explore but prefers her home comforts so won’t venture too far away.

Get some blankets and be ready to curl up on the sofa together watching TV.


Pretty kitty Maizy has been at the Tiverton shelter for 85 days, but the rejection hasn’t dented her confidence.

Shelter staff know her as the queen of the cattery, saying she’s a ‘very pretty cat and she knows it’.

At eight years old, Maizy is an independent and playful girl who loves strokes but isn’t your standard lapcat – she can play and explore on her own while providing companionship to the right owner.

She’s after a home where she will be the only pet.